Kaila and Kyle in Germantown

So glad I got picked to work with Kaila and Kyle – theyre are as nice as they come, plus I get to shoot their wedding in Florida!! WoooHooo!!  This little session was at Germantown reserve, where they had their fist date and where Kyle asked Kaila to marry him – with Scott’s appoval of course.  If you get a chance you can even take the trail to see the tree where he asked her.  It will be there for a lifetime – just like them.  (i’m so poetic!) I’m so excited for next year and all the new things were doing here at the studio, and this wedding is going to be one of the highlights for 2013 that I have all summer to look forward too. A very special and heartfelt thank you has to go to my past couple and now friends Elisha and Dusty who reccomended us to Kaila and Kyle along with all the others over the past few years. Thanks a million guys! Click here to download their app to your iPhone, iPad or smartphone. -Nick

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