Jenna and Jeff’s Wedding

Jenna and Jeff had their wedding at St Mary’s in Dayton, one of my favorite churches. After a quick set of family photos and a fun shot of all the guests at the church steps we headed out for the fun stuff at a couple of choice spots in Dayton.  Got to shoot a lot with them outside at Sycamore Country Club where the reception was, that was a blast.  We took the whole family and wedding party down on golf carts to a spot I picked out a couple weeks before.  It was nice having the family there to be a part of it, they are usually so busy handling all the other details for the reception.  Got to work with my favorite DJ, Brian Harris, at the reception too so it was a blast!  Jeff and Jenna are just as cool as it gets.  Loved working with these two, the wedding party and their families.  Everyone was just nice as can be, we laughed all day with them and partied all night with them!  Thanks Jenna and Jeff, you two are just downright adorable together!  It was such a privelege to be there with you and have a blast shooting!  Looking forward to seeing you again soon! -Nick  Click here to view their images and comment on Facebook.  Click here to download their custom app to your smartphone or tablet.

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808 STUDIOS 0245_5443

808 STUDIOS 0265_7647

808 STUDIOS 0378_5860

808 STUDIOS 0455_7827

808 STUDIOS 0528_5111

808 STUDIOS 0546_6234

808 STUDIOS 0554_6268

808 STUDIOS 0563_6286

808 STUDIOS 0592_6423

808 STUDIOS 0614_5234

808 STUDIOS 0654_6714

808 STUDIOS 0804_7153

808 STUDIOS 0886_7215


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