Jenelle and David in Dayton

One of the things I love most about shooting weddings is getting to see two people who were made for each other get together.  Jenelle and David are just perfect for each other, I loved seeing them laugh and giggle together.  One of the best laughs we had was when we shot the “serious” picture for the family history line.  Got to show it to them on the camera, then I got a huge high five from David and a huge chuckle from both of them.  I love being able to give couples exactly what they want, getting the high five is the icing!  They are two of the nicest people you could ever meet and it was so evident with the big wedding party and the mass of friends and family that attended.  So it rained, a lot actually, that wasn’t awesome but it really gave us the opportunity to shoot in the Schuster Center which I haven’t done in years.  So, it was a positive for Jenelle and David cause their images will be completely unique to them.  Thanks Jenelle and David, I loved working with you can’t wait to work with you on the album and the family photos (in a few years of course!) See you soon! -Nick  Click here to view all the images and comment with Facebook.  Click here to download their custom app to your smartphone or tablet.

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808 STUDIOS 209_0480

808 STUDIOS 217_0511

808 STUDIOS 301_8803

808 STUDIOS 479_1047

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