Cydney and Garey in Dayton at the Packard Museum







Cydney and Garey are such great people.  Their wedding was a love fest!  Everyone there was so excited to be a part of it and so glad to see them as happy as they are.  It was really cool for us to do a smaller wedding party it was just them and their maid of honor and best man.  Cool for pics because we get to do a lot more with the four of them than we do with 20-30 people like we get a lot of the time.  Also cool cause I could remeber all their names, but as I write this I forgot their names already!  Best part was getting to shoot with them for 2 solid hours before the ceremony which was at the Packard Museum along with their reception.  Thanks Cydney and Garey!  you guys were fantastic, Loved every minute of working with you.  -Nick  Click here to view all their images and comment on the blog post below.




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