Kelsey and Rob’s wedding in December!

I’ve been looking forward to Kelsey and Rob’s wedding ever since I talked with her Mom Kim back in August.  She was a bit overwhelmed with the planning process and wanted to make it as perfect as it could be for Kelsey.  I was glad I could help her out with the planning and recommend some vendors.  I really love when the family helps out with the wedding planning, then I know it’s going to be a great wedding!  Kelsey and Rob are a wonderful couple to shoot, they are laid back and pretty animated at the same time.  I didn’t feel like I had to really give them direction.  I was just able to let them be adorable together and push the button!  Winter weddings are always a favorite too.  I love the Christmas lights and trees they used to decorate with which became thoughtful gifts for Kelsey and Rob and Kelsey’s Brother and soon to be sister in law, Alex and Ashley.  The Cold is most likely why she chose a sleeved wedding gown.  I have to say I’ve seeen hundreds of gowns in my day and Kelsey’s is among my top favs.  It was a perfect blend of modern and traditional, it was awesome.  Best part of the night was shooting the two of them together outside the reception hall.  It wasn’t as much time as we’re used to but we got amazing stuff because they just love to be together!  Thanks Kelsey and Rob, and thanks to your families for making it such an awesome day!
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