Jamie and Tim’s wedding in Brooklyn, NY


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This was one of my most favortie weddings of all time!  18 years, well over 600 weddings I’ve shot and this one is right at the top.  Jamie and Tim asked me to shoot their wedding in Brooklyn, NY right after they got engaged and by right after I mean:  “hey Mom, I just got engaged!  OK, I have to call Nick now!”  I was so excited to be able to work for them on one of their most important days.  The best part for me was their first look.  Tim was just as emotional as I was at mine, that’s why I had her come to him, and with a backdrop of lower manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge how could it not be perfect.   Since it was New York I had to get some graffiti in there and on the way back fromt he park we shot at I found the coolest grafiti I ever had for a wedding couple.  Thanks a MILLION for having me come all the way to NY for you, Jamie & Tim.  I was so completely honored that you wanted me to shoot for you and so happy to be with you on such an awesome day!  -Nick     Click here to view all the images.

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