Kiki and Brad – Proposal – Chicago, IL

808_5488 808_5620 808_5629 808_5649I will look back on my Life when I’m an Old man (yes, older than now) and this will be one of my fondest memories.  How can I not just totally love everything about being a part of one of my best friends asking the love of his life to spend the rest of it with him. I got to shoot it and be in on it, Brad had Kiki spend the day on a scavenger hunt looking for trinket boxes in all the sentimental places from their two years together.  I got to hand her the last one which had her beautiful family heirloom diamond ring inside. I’m so happy for you both Kiki and Brad.  I sincerely thank you for letting be a part of such an awesome moment, I was truly honored! -Nick

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