Brad and I were friends way back in Jr High when we went to Van Buren and we just ran into eachother over the summer when I took my wrecked car into his shop at Frank Z. We havent had a chace to get that beer we’ve been talking about but I am really glad we had the opportunity to have him and his family into the studio for a portrait session for Shooting for the Soul. Normally we charge $50 for portrait sittings and that money is directly donated to a charitable organization that we work with, but this session was a little different. Brad’s family recently lost most of their belongings in a house fire, and unfortunately they also lost both of their dogs. Brad’s sister-in-law also joined us for some photos with her daughter Savanah, Savanah has yet to meet her father Nelson face to face. He is serving our country in Iraq and won’t be here to spend her first Chistmas with her. Needless to say their portrait sitting was on me. I often find it a little odd that I set up Shooting for the Soul to help others in need. So commnly it’s the ones in need that end up helping me by reminding me how important family and love truly are. As hard as the past few months have been on all of them I can see that the most important thing they have, Love, is really all you need. It’s a reminder I often seek around Chistmas time to get me back in touch with the true meaning of the season. Thank you to the Hamiltons and the Steinkes for the opportunity to be a part of your family’s portrait session and thanks for the little reminders…. -Nick

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  1. Nick, I want to thank you for the beautiful portraits that you have taken for us. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. Your patience, words and keen eye have produced tears in the eyes of grown men, I witnessed it today while watching the slide show you produced. I am eternally greatful. I value your friendship and will be truly in your debt for years to come. As I told you, you truly are a master of your craft. Your friend, Bradley Hamilton II.

  2. Brad’s boy is soooo adorable! I just loved him all dressed up in that tie!!
    great slide show too!!!