The 808 Studios Family grows!

World, meet Urban! Isn’t he adorable! Urban Gabriel was born on November 20th to his parents Kim and Nathan. I Met Kim and Nathan many years ago when I was just begining my Business full time, they were one of those couples I just knew I would be friends with right off the bat. Since then I have had the utmost pleasure of photographing both of her sisters weddings, but my favorite part of being friends with Kim and Nathan is the huge perk of being part of their family. Her Mom and Dad, Pat and Brad, have welcomed me into their home more times than I can count and Pat and I sometimes meet for trivia nite at a bar in Brookville with her son-in-law and past groom of mine, Kevin. Their family now consists of 4 kids, 3 son-in-laws, 1 Daughter-in-law, 4 grandchildren, at least half a dozen dogs, and to top it off everyone lives in a different part of the US. From texas to Cincy and Indiana, I honestly don’t know how they keep themselves straight but as far away as they are from eachother physically, I have never met a family more close to eachother, and I’m sure that has alot to do with the family’s matriach, and my good friend, Pat. Btw, Urban shares a birthday with one of my dearest friends, and a birthday week with my grandma and I. You’re in good company Urban! – Nick

4 Comments on “The 808 Studios Family grows!

  1. My goodness Nick! What phenomenal photographs. We’re so blessed to witness your creativity and talent. Your pictures of Kim, Nathan, and Urban are absolutly beautiful. Thank you!


  2. Nick, we LOVE YOU! You captured our little guy so nicely. Now comes the tough part of picking out which ones we want. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. Thank you!


  3. Nick,
    You have captured the love that Nathan & Kim have for each other and for little Urban. I have watched the video several times and cry everytime I see it.
    Aunt Sherry

  4. Thank you Nick for doing a wonderous job of capturing pure love on film.
    Urban’s Grandma Melanie