Don’t forget to give this season!

808 Studios had their Annual nite out for charity tonite, we went to Sams Club and purchased 3 CARLOADS of baby items and pet supplies for our two favorite charities for the holidays, SICSA and the Dayton Right to life. I am so excited for this weeks delivery of all the stuff we baought I can barely type this blog entry – but more on that later! For now enjoy one of my favorite SNL sketches – “Give it on up to Homelessville” featuring the incomparable Justin Tiberlake and don’t forget to give this Christmas – give until it hurts. It is even more important this year… -Nick

One Comment on “Don’t forget to give this season!

  1. Nick, You have an incredible HEART! God has certainly blessed your Dad and I with you. We are humbled with your generosity.
    Thanks for caring for the babies at DRTL and filling their pantry with all the items that babies need. Also thank you for photographing the Mothers with their little ones, I am sure these Mothers treasure these photos of yours!

    And Abbey “your family dog” is so happy you remembered her friends at SISCA!

    Thanks so much, Love, Mom