Leighann and Tyler’s wedding

 What a cool wedding!  We were looking forward to this one for a long time.  Leighann and Tyler want to do a lot of photos and gave us plenty of time, nearly 5 hours, to shoot with them so that’s exactly what we did.  We ran all over town to all the best spots and a couple new ones we had up our sleeves.  Leighann was looking for someone to capture lots of special moments throughout the day and it was great to hear that.  I dound myself watching and listening a bit more than usual.  She also let us know of a few key things that she wanted photos of and while most of them are things we do all the time there were quite a few that opened my eyes to a few new ideas.  What a fantastic body of work,  I just loved them and I can’t wait to show them off to everyone that comes by the studio, hope you love them as much as me.

Thanks Leighann and Tyler we had a blast with you and your families!  Can’t tell you how much I love the images.  Click this link with you iPhone, iPad or Smartphone to download their custom app, Click here or scroll down to watch their show on YouTube and Click here to view all the images– Nick

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