Whitney and Nathan’s wedding


I LOVED this wedding!!  I don’t know if I’ve had more fun at a wedding than we had with Whitney and Nathan.  I was so impressed by them when we first met.  Not only could I tell they were just the kind of couple we love working with but they genuinely cared about their wedding and making sure their friends and family enjoyed it as much as they did.  I can’t even count the amount of locations we hit with them – every time I said lets do this or lets do one more over here they both said SURE!  Even when it was a couple minutes till we were supposed to be at the reception they wanted to go to one more place that was the complete opposite direction of Webster St Market.  How cool is that!?  Well there is a huge payoff for them in amazing images- nearly 1000 of them and everyone one is as good as the next.  This is exactly what happens when a couple wants us to do our thing and do it well – for them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Whitney and Nathan!  I am so happy that we were there with you and I will always remember how much fun we had.  I can’t wait to work on your album, it will be in your hands and at the studio on my coffee table very soon.  Come on by and see it! Click here to view the show on YouTube, Click here with your iphone, ipad or smartphone to download their custom app, or view all the images here. -Nick

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