Stephanie and Steven in Dayton

This was my favorite little moment from the day.  The wanted to wait to see each other til the ceremony, but still wanted to have a little time to themselves before hand.   They had a room divider set halfawy so they could talk and hold hands but wait for walking down the aisle to see each each other.  It was a very adorable little moment between them – especailly with the parents looking on and getting a little choked up. 

These two are just the nicest couple you could ever want to shoot.  It was certainly the coldest day we had all year for a wedding and the didn’t mind one bit when we did the majority of their photos outside.  It was even colder when we went outside at night time after the wedding.  A quick stop on the way to the reception was so worth it, we were able to make a ton of great shots for them in about 15 minutes and still get to the reception without freezing to death!  Thanks for an awesome day Stephanie and Steven!  See you soon! -Nick  Click here to view all the images, and be sure to check out their show below!


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