Courtney and Stephen in Dayton at Carrillon Park

 What a cool couple!  I was so glad that Courtney and Stephen picked us for their wedding.  Not only are they just about the nicest people you could ever ask to work for they’re also a riot!  Best comment of the day was from Stephen.  We were shooting the two of them just after their first look, We asked Stephen for a quick kiss for Courtney, they did and Stephen kept going.  I said “ok, thanks” he kept going “We got that one Steve!” I exclaimed to which he replied: “I got my own agenda!”  That was classic!  Blake and I were laughing about that one all day long.  We had a ton of time with them and thier wedding party, which was great cuase we did have to deal with a little rain in the middle of the day.  No bother at all though, we went to Ladder 11 and hung out with a few drinks.  It was great to see them enjoy their time with their friends, Hecl we even enjoyed the time with them too!  This was only the second wedding I’ve had on the bridge at Carrillon Park, which is suprising since I’m sure I’ve shot over 100 weddings there over the years!  Great pick guys!  Thanks for having us at the wedding, You and your frineds and family were amazing to work with!  Now get to picking the album shots, I want one for the studio!! -Nick

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