Julie and Will’s Christmas wedding in Cincinnati

These two are so cute together.  The first time I talked with Julie was over the phone.  I specifically remember her telling me: “We just want to enjoy ourselves and have fun!”  I said that would be no problem with me!  We had a blast playing croquet in Ault Park during their E-Session and we had just as much fun at the wedding. We started at Julie’s house in Mt Lookout a block from the Church and two blocks from the Reception.  Certainly the shortest trips I’ve ever made to shoot. They had the perfect sign at the Redmoor to welcome their guests too.  Their wedding was the 21st of December, the supposed Mayan End of the World date.  So being the great cuple they are the made it into a joke and put “Julie and Will: The end of the world as we know it” on the sign – if that wasn’t just perfect for it I don’t know what would have been.  It set the stage for a great night and fit them perfectly, they wanted to have fun and we certainly all did.  Thanks Julie and Will!  Marci and I had a blast and I know your guests did to!  Thanks for a great day! – Nick

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