Ann and Nick in Dayton, Ohio

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Loved this one of Nick – I’d taken hundreds of photos of them together at this point and I still hadn’t seen a smile this big!  Ann is an old friend from school, she had seen a bit of my work on Facebook a couple years back and hit me up after she and Nick were engaged.  It was awesome to sit down with her, catch up and talk about the wedding.  I could tell she was looking for something amazing.  The ceremony was very intimate, very classic, and so was the reception at the DAI.  My favortie little moment with them was just after is started to rain (of course it would rain during the 20 minutes of outdoor pics we had planned!) It was just Ann and Nick with Blake and I.  The rain came down and sparkled in the sunlight as we were shooting under the tree.  They were just connected and talking to each other and we were there shooting – they ended up being my faves for the day, the shot two down is one of them.  What a spectacular wedding!  Thanks Ann & Nick for having us!  We loved working with you!  -Nick.  Click here from your mobile device to download their custom app or click here to view all the images online to purchase prints or files.

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