Gretchen and Josh’s Wedding in Dayton, Ohio


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I love this couple!  I’m sure it’s for the same reason they had so many friends in their wedding party – They’re just great people with good hearts that everyone loves to be around!  Gretchen was a bridesmaid in Stephanie and Carson’s wedding that I shot last June.  I was certainly thankful I met Stephanie, cause I had a blast shooting her wedding, but it was also great cause I got two great weddings!  We were able to start early in the day so Gretchen and Josh could do their First look before we did the wedding party with them.  They wanted to be able to spend lots of time with them and enjoy the day just as much as they wanted amazing photos and I know we made that happen for them.   We had a really cool spot picked out for them for their first look, a spot where I’ve never shot one before.  Different sure paid off, It was one of my most memorable First looks we’ve had in years.  Thanks Gretchen and Josh!  I absolutely loved working with You, Your wedding Party and Your families!  Can’t wait to see you at Rachel’s wedding next June!  – Nick  Click here from your mobile device to download their custom app.  Click this link to view all the photos and purchase prints and files and view their show at the bottom of the post.

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