Christy and Tony in Dayton at Music Hall

Christy and Tony got married in downtown Dayton. it was a fun day with them and their wedding party going around to some of our favorite spots. We have so many stories to tell from their wedding including the Don Cherry shirts, the medical emergency of the pedestrian in front of bankruptcy court, their two cute basset hounds,and the final countdown coming down the aisle. Everyone had a blast with the photo guestbook and we got some really funny pages from it! It was also great catching up with one of our couples from 2010, Mike and Maria and their new baby! Christys brother and his dance moves were the hit of the reception! Thank you to Christy and Tony there are some families and Friends, you were all so much fun! -Blake Click here to download their custom app to your smartphone or mobile device. or Click here to view all their images and comment directly to facebook

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