Laura and Johnny in Dayton

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How do you not absolutely love these two!  Laura and Johnny are two of the kindest most thoughtful people you could meet.  It makes me so happy to see them together, they go together so well.  They got married at Holy Angels in Dayton, one of my favorite churches.  We’ve done so many there over the years but I still love shooting there especially when you get a fantastic couple like this to work with.  We were lucky enough to shoot in all but one place we had planned before the rain poured down and we had to head to the Marriott but they didn’t midn one bit, the coolers in the limo had just been refilled!  I have to say my favorite shot of Laura is the one below with her flowers.  This was the one I did for her with her parents.  The locket that was wrapped around her bouquet had a photo of them from their wedding day on it and since they both passed when she was young this was their photo, and their moment, with her. Loved, Loved, Loved working with you guys!  Thank you so much Laura and Johnny!  You, your families and your wedding party were a blast to work with! -Nick   Their show is at the top of the post and you can  Click here to view all the images online and comment for Facebook and click here to download their custom app to your mobile device.

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